Check your Reward Points and Gift Card Values. NETGCS 2020
We have been using NETGCS as our primary Rewards Card System since we started our business in 2005.
NETGCS has been a great asset to our POS system and the way we are able to use it for rewards, our customers Love it!
As our customer, create a NETGCS account to check your Reward Points at your convenience.

Start here Or follow the steps below.
  • Navigate to in your favorite browser
  • Click on Create Cardholder [Start here] button
  • Create your account and confirm your email address
  • Login to with your new account
  • Once you land on your Dashboard click on Connect to Merchant
  • Enter required information, confirm your phone via SMS 6 digit code
  • Once confirmed your all set! you should now be connected and can view your card balances
  • Thank you for your continued support!